Stick Arena Ballistick wiki

The bat is a non-Ballistick melee weapon.


Overall, the bat is a less popular melee weapon, disliked for its comparative lack of mobility and short range. Here are some properties:

  • Damage: It takes 4 hits to kill a stickman with full health. Out of 100 hit points, the bat does about 31 points of damage. It is noted that a stickman whacked with the bat 3 times can be easily subdued with 1 punch.
  • Speed: A bat-wielding person has less mobility than a katana-wielding person but still moves faster than a person with a sledge.
  • Range: Since the bat itself is not as long, it has a relatively short range, not much wider than that of the fist or the Tesla-helm (Ballistick weapon).
  • Method of Attack: A click would cause the stickman to swing the bat in the direction of the cursor, hurting anyone in the swing's way.