Stick Arena Ballistick wiki

The Glock is the only pistol in the game. Overall, the Glock is considered by many experienced users in Stick Arena Ballistick, to be one of the most useful weapons not requiring a Lab Pass. Here are some properties of the glock:

  • Damage: It takes 5 hits to kill a person with full health. Out of 100 hit points, one glock hit is about 21 hit points.
  • Speed: A glock-wielder moves moderately fast. Of all guns in the game (including Ballistick), this gun allows you to move the fastest.
  • Range: Of all non-Ballistick guns, it has the highest range.
  • Method of Attack: When you click, your stickman fires the gun in the direction of your cursor.

These properties make the glock a favorite amongst experienced players. Beginners generally have a harder time using the glock since it is hard to utlitize the Glock's advantage, which is its range.


  • The Glock is obviously based on the real life Glock. Like most guns (if not all), it requires a license.