Stick Arena Ballistick wiki

Lab Pass a special membership that allows the access to exclusive Weapons, Pets, Map Slots, and Spinners. Lab Passes also can allow members to go into Ballistick Maps, which are maps from voids. Lab Passes need to be purchased online (not in the Ballistick Store), and comes with a free Map Slot. Also, depending which Lab Pass the member buys, he/she will also earn 1000, 6000, or 12000 bonus cred to use in the Ballistick Store. A player with a Lab Pass can also V.I.P. another player who does not own a Lab Pass, allowing him/her to play in custom maps and/or ballistick games. Also, Lab Pass members can participate in map builder contests. Players have a limited amount of days until their lab pass expires. If you or someone else has a lab pass it will show a B on the left of their rank.


A Lap Pass can be purchased or earned.

Buying a Lab Pass

Click on the large button next to the game screen talking about lab passes and then click on get a pass. You will see three passes: 30 days (+1000 cred), 6 month (+6000 cred), and 1 year (+12000 Cred). Pay with a credit card.