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Two players cornering two others

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It is very hard in Stick Arena Ballistick to win a game with the highest scores, especially if you're a beginner. Every step you take in the game is a step closer to death or a step closer to victory. Be very elegant and thoughtful with moves you make. Think of it like checkers except you risk the chance of dying.


  • The Glock is an unfit weapon for beginners, as it is hard to hit a player with it.
  • Without the Lab Pass, the Shotgun may be the strongest weapon for a beginner, as its bullets widen when shot and it only takes three shots to kill an opponent.
  • It may seem impossible to execute an opponent using the wall as cover, but if you wield the shotgun you can randomly approach the rival and fire at him three times. You will get wounded (not dead though, if done correctly) so do not back out of the fight, as you will only take more damage and die.
  • It is highly suggested using a Katana over a Bat, as a katana has a longer range. A player can eliminate another player wielding a bat, without taking any damage.
  • Camping with a Sledgehammer can lure many obtuse players into a deathtrap. However, it is the timing you swing the sledgehammer; if you miss you can lose serious amounts of health, if you haven't died.


  • Using walls for cover is a highly used tactic by users, especially when wielding the Glock.


  • Camping can seem annoying to players and, with enough support from other players, may end up getting you kicked out of the game session.