Stick Arena

A Stick Arena screen

Stick Arena is the game that was created before Stick Arena Ballistick. It is the first Stick Arena Game. It is now unplayable in any website. It is also not on, because it was replaced with Stick Arena Ballistick, due to the fact that the new one has more features than the classic one. However, the demo version of the game is still there, only in Newgrounds or any other website with the Demo version. It is called "Stick Arena (NG)" in Newgrounds.

Trailer Edit

The trailer shows a few guys talking about Stick Arena. A girl overheard their conversation and the guys say that they were talking about a video game, and the girl hates video games. Then it shows the gameplay of Stick Arena.

Gameplay Edit

The Stick Arena gameplay is the same as Stick Arena Ballistick. However, there are differences in the original:

  • Weapons in different places of each location/arena.
  • Different crosshair/aiming target.
  • No Lab Pass
  • No VIPing.
  • No futuristic weapons.
  • No special maps.

External Links Edit

Play Stick Arena (Demo)

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