Stick Arena Ballistick wiki

thumb|340px|right|Trailer 2thumb|right|340px|Trailer 1There are 2 trailers for Stick Arena Ballistick. The first is has less information about the game than the second one.

Trailer 1

The trailers starts off saying "Annihilate your enemies with 6 devastating new weapons", "Experience the thrill of Epic New Arenas", and "Earn Street with the all new currency system". Then it shows 2 members of the game fighting each other with a rail-gun and a chain-saw. Throughout the whole trailer, those are the only weapons shown. There were complaints in Newgrounds.

Trailer 2

The trailer starts off by saying all the weapons. Then it shows 2 players with laser swords. Then it shows another player with a chain-gun, and next shows Stickluvr45's profile. The gameplay shows again, and 3 players are seen. One has a Tesla-Helmet, one has a chain-gun, and thee other has a laser sword. Then it shows the Street Cred win. Then it shows the gameplay with 2 players with a chain-saw and laser sword. Then it goes back to the Ballistick Shop, and someone is purchasing a spinner. The gameplay shows again, with someone with a tesla-helmet, and someone else shot him with a chain-gun. Then it goes to the Map Editor and someone appears to be creating a map. Next, is a player using a flamethrower and killed a player with a laser sword. Then it shows a player killing a player with a rail-gun. Then it shows the intro to the game. Finally, it says "Point. Click. Kill."